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12th Podcast Awards

Summer 2017

The Site Rebuild is Underway. The 12th annual Podcast Awards will come with big changes, first and foremost no more voting! Second a longer nomination period with the same registration requirements. Plus a whole new process on picking the winners! The Awards comittee is very excitted about the changes, and look forward to all podcasters having an equal chance to win a Podcast Award

11th Podcast Awards Winners

A new site a new podcast awards process is coming. More info in May of 2017

Peoples Choice
Creating Disney Magic [url] [rss]
D&D is for Nerds [url] [rss]
Distorted View [url] [rss]
No Agenda Show [url] [rss]
Outlander Cast [url] [rss]
Postshow recaps [url] [rss]
Science Fiction Film Podcast [url] [rss]
The 5AM Miracle [url] [rss]
The Fantasy Footballers Podcast [url] [rss] [Winner]
The Hollywood Outsider [url] [rss]

Legacy Show

ABV Chicago [url] [rss]
B&H Photography Podcast  [url] [rss]
CraftLit [url] [rss]
Overthought, a podcast [url] [rss]
Resourceful Designer [url] [rss]
The Beerists Podcast [url] [rss][Winner]
The Brit and Yankee Craft Beer Podcast [url] [rss]
The Magnus archives [url] [rss]
The Write Now Podcast with Sarah Werner [url] [rss]
This Boyce Life [url] [rss]

Legacy Show

Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do [url] [rss]
Creating Disney Magic [url] [rss]
DH Unplugged [url] [rss]
It's Just Good Business [url] [rss]
Linkedin Lady [url] [rss]
Reality Check with Craig Price [url] [rss]
Social Solutions [url] [rss]
The Bizarre Briefing [url] [rss][Winner]
The Inner Changemaker Podcast [url] [rss]
The Productive Woman [url] [rss]

Legacy Show
Manager Tools [url] [rss]

Distorted View [url] [rss]
Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast [url] [rss]
Hello from the magic tavern [url] [rss]
Jack of All Nerds Show [url] [rss]
King Falls Am [url] [rss]
Matt and Mattinglys Ice Cream Social [url] [rss][Winner]
Plumbing the Deathstar [url] [rss]
The Bearded Ones [url] [rss]
The Detroit Cast [url] [rss]
The Snow Plow Show [url] [rss]

Legacy Show
The Morning Stream [url] [rss]

Coffee Break Italian [url] [rss]
Coffee Break Spanish [url] [rss]
Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing [url] [rss]
History Chicks [url] [rss]
Palaeocast [url] [rss]
Scam School [url] [rss][Winner]
School of Podcasting [url] [rss]
Skeptoid [url] [rss]
The Public Speaker [url] [rss]
The Wired Homeschool [url] [rss]

Legacy Show

A Podcast of Ice and Fire [url] [rss]
Breaking the Panel [url] [rss]
Geek History Lesson [url] [rss]
Great Detectives of Old Time Radio [url] [rss]
Renaissance Festival Podcast [url] [rss]
Shut up a second [url] [rss]
The Best of Fives [url] [rss]
The Bright Sessions [url] [rss]
Triplecast [url] [rss]
We Have Concerns [url] [rss][Winner]

Legacy Show
Rob Has a Podcast [url] [rss]

Games & Hobbies
Cigar Federation [url] [rss]
D&D is for Nerds [url] [rss]
From the Helicarrier [url] [rss]
Rage Select Podcast [url] [rss]
Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast [url] [rss]
The Angry Chicken [url] [rss][Winner]
The NXPress Podcast [url] [rss]
The Voice of The Transformers Club Australia [url] [rss]
Tribbles In Ecstasy [url] [rss]
Trivial Warfare [url] [rss]

Legacy Show

Bad Gay Movies [url] [rss]
Bearded Fruit [url] [rss]
Cocktails and Cream Puffs [url] [rss]
Diary of a Trans Woman [url] [rss][Winner]
Isn't it Queer [url] [rss]
Left of Str8 Show [url] [rss]
Same Sex Dialogue [url] [rss]
Sewers of Paris [url] [rss]
The Coming Out Lounge [url] [rss]
This Show Is So Gay [url] [rss]

Legacy Show
Feast of Fun [url] [rss]

Government & Organizations
Common Sense [url] [rss]
Congressional Dish [url] [rss]
Decode DC [url] [rss]
GovLove [url] [rss]
Political Gabfest [url] [rss]
Politics Politics Politics [url] [rss][Winner]
Supreme Court Briefing [url] [rss]
The Jason Stapleton Program [url] [rss]
What A Relief! Podcast [url] [rss]
What Would Bernie Sanders Do [url] [rss]

Legacy Show

Bulletproof Radio [url] [rss]
Curiously Veg Radio [url] [rss]
Diabetes Connections [url] [rss]
Flowing Into Awareness [url] [rss]
Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa [url] [rss]
Marathon Training Academy [url] [rss]
Nutrition Diva [url] [rss]
PopHealth Podcast [url] [rss]
Sleep with Me [url] [rss][Winner]
The 5 AM Miracle [url] [rss]

Legacy Show

Kids & Family
Busy Ladies [url] [rss]
Confidence on the Go [url] [rss]
Dad Spotlight [url] [rss]
Hypothetical Help [url] [rss][Winner]
Mighty Mommy [url] [rss]
Mom & Dad are Fighting [url] [rss]
Not By Accident [url] [rss]
ParentCast [url] [rss]
Strength In Words [url] [rss]
The Family First Podcast [url] [rss]

Legacy Show

Adam Carolla Podcast [url] [rss]
Artie Lange [url] [rss]
JuRY [url] [rss][Winner]
Milk The Cow podacst [url] [rss]
Savage Lovecast [url] [rss]
Teddy and the Bassman [url] [rss]
The Artamus Cameron experience [url] [rss]
The awesome hour [url] [rss]
The Horrorfied Podcast [url] [rss]
The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Dennis Farrell [url] [rss]

Legacy Show

Americana Music Show [url] [rss]
From a Basement in Tulsa [url] [rss]
How to Write a Tune [url] [rss]
Irish & Celtic Music Podcast [url] [rss]
Joe and Megs Musical Adventure [url] [rss][Winner]
Kingdom of Rock  [url] [rss]
Now Hear This Entertainment [url] [rss]
Set Lusting Bruce [url] [rss]
Sound Opinions [url] [rss]
The Bugcast [url] [rss]

Legacy Show
Coverville [url] [rss]

News & Politics
Behind Enemy Lines [url] [rss]
Best of the Left [url] [rss]
Canadaland [url] [rss]
Consider This! [url] [rss]
Ken Rudin's Political Junkie [url] [rss]
Kick Ass Politics [url] [rss]
No Agenda [url] [rss][Winner]
Pantsuit politics [url] [rss]
The Ring of Fire [url] [rss]
IMHO with Niceguy Eddie [url] [rss]

Legacy Show
Free Talk Live [url] [rss]
The Majority Report [url] [rss]

Religion & Spirituality
A Glimpse of the Kingdom [url] [rss]
Communio Sanctorum - History of the Christian Church [url] [rss]
More Than One Lesson [url] [rss]
Mormon Missionary Stories [url] [rss]
Oh No Ross and Carrie [url] [rss][Winner]
Popcorn Theology [url] [rss]
The Briefing [url] [rss]
The Intersection [url] [rss]
The Robcast [url] [rss]
The Rugged Marriage [url] [rss]

Legacy Show

Science & Medicine
Blurry Photos [url] [rss]
DNA today [url] [rss]
Everyday Einstein [url] [rss]
Healthcare Tech Talk  [url] [rss]
Magical Medical Tour [url] [rss]
Sawbones [url] [rss]
The Big Seance Podcast [url] [rss]
The Naked Scientists [url] [rss]
The Reality Check [url] [rss]
Weird Things [url] [rss][Winner]

Legacy Show
The Skeptics Guide to the Universe [url] [rss]

Society - Culture
CoasterRadio.com [url] [rss]
Disney Parks Podcast [url] [rss]
Life of Caesar [url] [rss]
Mousetalgia [url] [rss]
Mysterious Matters [url] [rss]
The Budget-Minded Traveler [url] [rss]
The Catacombs of Halloween Horror Nights [url] [rss]
The Mouse Castle Lounge [url] [rss]
The Phileas Club [url] [ rss][Winner]
Those Conspiracy Guys [url] [rss]

Legacy Show
This American Life [url] [rss]
WDW Radio [url] [rss]

Sports & Recreation
CBS - Fantasy Football Today [url] [rss]
Dear Mr. Fantasy [url] [rss]
Ivy Envy [url] [rss]
Mat Men [url] [rss]
Out There [url] [rss]
Packers Fan Podcast [url] [rss]
Sea Hawkers Podcast [url] [rss]
The Fantasy Footballers Podcast [url] [rss][Winner]
Ultra Runner Podcast [url] [rss]
We like shooting [url] [rss]

Legacy Show
ESPN: Fantasy Focus Football [url] [rss]

Hacker Public Radio [url] [rss]
Hak5 [url] [rss][Winner]
Mac Geek Gab [url] [rss]
Stolendroids [url] [rss]
The Audacity to Podcast [url] [rss]
The Giz Wiz [url] [rss]
The Podcast Digest [url] [rss]
This is Only a Test [url] [rss]
Waves of Tech [url] [rss]
What The Tech [url] [rss]

Legacy Show
This Week in Tech [url] [rss]

TV & Film
Cordkillers [url] [rss]
Double Toasted [url] [rss]
Jaret Goes to the Movies [url] [rss]
Movie Spoilers [url] [rss]
ONCE - Once Upon a Time podcast [url] [rss]
Outlander Cast [url] [rss]
Post Show Recaps [url] [rss][Winner]
Science Fiction Film Podcast [url] [rss]
Star Wars In Character [url] [rss]
The Talking Dead Podcast [url] [rss]

Legacy Show

The People's Choice Podcast Awards

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