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2016 Donations

GoFundMe Campaign

We will list all contributors to the GoFundMe Campaign

Stargate Pioneer - $100
Brian Ibbott - $100
Kari Simms - $100
Dave Jackson - $100
Fred Castaneda -$10
Darrell Darnell - $108
Mignon Fogarty - $100
Jason Bryant - $100
Deborah Williams - $100
Fausto Fernós - $25
Emily Prokop - $10
Daniel Quick -$100
Aaron Peterson - $100
Segovia Smith - $150
Tim Henson - $50
Carl Dodge - $100
Kirsten Desai - $15
Adam Smith - $20
Sheila Jackson - $5
Dr. Marissa Pei - $50
Marcus Wilson - $50
Andy Holloway - $100
Alex Mitchell - $5
Scott Philbrook - $100
Isabel Maxwell - $10
Karl Kornel - $20
Joshua Merritt - $50
Timothy Tay - $22

Podcasts that Registered and Paid the $10 Registration Fee who are Slate Elgibile

Is your show missing from this list? Please email podcast@podcastconnect.com with your PayPal Transaction ID and your Show Name

1337 Wine TV
2 Dudes and The Duchess
200 Proof Gospel
4 Travel Talk 
40+ Fitness Podcast
A Glimpse of the Kingdom
A Podcast of Ice and Fire
Absolutely Intercultural
ABV Chicago
Adam Carolla Podcast
Adventures of MechaBetty
Advice! with Dave & Kat
ALL IN Sports Talk
All The Social Ladies
Amateur Traveler
American conservative university podcast
Americana Music Show
Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast
Anomaly Podcast: Sci-Fi / Fantasy Geek Chats
Another Planet
Apathetic Enthusiasm
Are Those Refried Beans??
Arrow Squad
Ask Drone
Astonishing Legends
Attack Style Wrestling Podcast
B&H Photography Podcast
B2B Market Research Podcast
Back to the Future Minute
Backstage With #RDM
Balanced Living for Busy Professionals
Bastl's Bytes: The David Bastl Sports Podcast
Battleship Pretension
Be Tween Us Podcast
Bearded Fruit
Behind Enemy Lines Radio
Behind The Magic
Best of the Left
Best of the Left
BGM: Bad Gay Movies / Bitchy Gay Men
Blurry Photos
Bonus Points
Booth One
Breaking the Panel
Brewtal Battle podcast.
Bulletproof Radio
Busy Ladies
BVU Wrestling BeaverCast
Cant Wait for Christmas
CBS Sports
Celt Father
Chaos and Theory with Neal Veglio
Christina Souza Ma
Cigar Federation
Classy Little Podcast
Cocktails and Cream Puffs
Coffee Break French
Coffee Break Italian
Coffee Break Spanish
College Checklist Podcast
Comic Book Central
Coming Out Of The Fire
Common Sense
Communio Sanctorum
Confidence on the Go
Congressional Dish
Consciously Speaking
Consider This!
Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do
Cosmic Radio
CraftLit: the annotated audiobook podcast
Crappy Canon Podcast
Creating Disney Magic
Creative Disturbance
Creative Language Learning Podcast
Curiously Veg Radio
Current Geek
Dad Spotlight
D&D is for Nerds
DC on Screen
Dear Mr Fantasy
Decode DC
Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Design Matters
Destination WDW
DH Unplugged
Diabetes Connections
Diary Of A Trans Woman
Disaster Area
Dishing MIssfits on the Radio Misfits Podcast Network
Distorted View Daily
DNA Today
Doctor of the Dead
Doctor Who Dark Journey Audio Drama Series
Domestic CEO
Double Feature
Double Toasted
Dr. Marissa
Dr. Naoise Oreilly
Everyday Einstein
Fab 4 Travel Talk
Fairly Normal with Josh Wolf
Fantasy Baseball from Prospect361.com
Fantasy Insiders GPP
FantasyLife OG Fantasy Football Podcast
Fifty Shades Fan Podcast
Film Chat
Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon
FLAFFL House Podcast
Flight Through Entirety
Flowing Into Awareness
Fluent Language Tuition
Food Non-Fiction
Freight Train Boogie Shoe
From a Basement in Tulsa
From the helicarrier
From The Sublime
Gallifrey Stands
Geek By Night
Geek History Lesson
Geektown Radio
Get-It-Done Guy
Ghosts in the Burbs
Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast
Golf Smarter

Grammar Girl
Hacker Public Radio
Healthcare Tech Talk
Hello from the Magic Tavern
History Goes Bump Podcast
HomeTech Podcast
Hot Butter Podcast with Bret & Adam
How To Write A Tune
Human Echoes Podcast
Hypothetical Help
I Hate Critics
Indie Travel Podcast
INoslen Radio
Inside Virginia Tech Wrestling
Irish & Celtic Music Podcast
IMHO with Niceguy Eddie
Is it a Bicycle
Isn\t It Queer
IT in the D
ITL Fantasy Baseball Podcast
It's Just Good Business!
Ivy Envy
Jack Of All Nerds Show
Jaret Goes to the Movies
Joe and Meg\s Musical Adventure
Kakos Industries
Ken Rudin's Political Junkie
KickAss Politics
King Falls AM
Kingdom of Rock
Left of Str8 Show
Lenny's Daily Podcast
Life Of Caesar
Loa - Broadcasting Vietnam
Love and Justice: A Serious Sailor Moon Podcast
MageTalk: A Magento Community Podcast
Magical Medical Tour
Making Dad with Chip and Zach.
Marathon Training Academy
Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast
Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast
Matt and Mattingly's Ice Cream Social
Milk the Cow
Mind of a Geek
Mighty Mommy
Modern day philosophers by Danny Lobell
MODTV Fashion Video Podcast
Mom, I'm Sorry
Mom and Dad are Fighting
Money Girl
More Than One Lesson
Mormon Missionary Stories
Mountain Bikes Apart Podcast
Mouse Chat
Mousetalgia! - An Unofficial Disney Pocast
Movie Spoilers
Movie Talk News with Antonio Gutierrez
My Take Radio
Mysterious Matters
NASA ScienceCasts
Nerds with Mics
New York Academy of Science Podcast
Next Fan Up
Nice Guy Eddie
No Agenda Show
No Better Than Average
Northwest Brew Talk
Not By Accident
Now Hear This Entertainment
Nutrition Diva
Oh no Ross and Carrie
ODU Wrestling Monarch Matcast
Off The Shelf
On The Mat by the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum
ONCE - Once Upon a Time podcast
One Piece Podcast
One Word
One Word, Go! Show
Orphaned Entertainment
Out There
Outlander Cast
Outlier On Air
Over Coffee
Overthought, A Podcast
Packers Fan Podcast
Panel x Panel
Pantsuit Politics
People I want to punch in the throat
Pink Flamingo RV Radio
Please, Finish Your Book!
Plumbing the Death Star
Podcast Junkies
Podcasts for Cancer Thrivers 
Podcraft: Honing the Art of Podcasting
Political Gabfest
Politics Politics Politics
Ponderings from the Perch
Pop Health Podcast
Popcorn Theology
Post Show Recaps
Public Speaker
Puzzle Warriors 3
Rage Select Podcast
Read to Lead
Reading Out Loud
Reality Check with Craig Price
Reasonable Men
Rebel Radio
Reel World Theology
Remake This Movie RIGHT!
Renissance Festival
Resourceful Designer
Revision Path
Revolutions Podcast
Rex Factor Podcast
Rise of the comedian
Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast
Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast
Sacred Cows Podcast
Same Sex Dialogue
Sarah and Cassi's Nerdy Adventure
Savage Lovecast
Savvy Psychologist
Scam School
Science Fiction Film Podcast
Sci-Fi Movie Podcast
School of Podcasting
Set Lusting Bruce
Sewers of Paris
She Podcasts
Short Time Wrestling Podcast
Shut Up a Second
Sim and Hal's Serial Box
Sips, Suds, & Smokes
Sistah Speak
Sleep With Me
Slums of Film History
Social Solutions
Soiled Restroom Cinema
Sole Switch
Sound Opinions
South Side Sox Podcast
STANDOUT with Cheryl Tan
Star Wars In Character
Steve Nevills
Story Geometry
Strategic Investor Radio
Strength In Words
Stuff I Learned Yesterday
Submitted For Your Approval
Success Freaks
Sudden History
Sunday Night Supper
Sunday Service
Supreme Court Briefing
Take My Advice, I'm Not Using It: Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa
Talking Tesla
Talking Tesla
Tech of Sports
Teddy & The Bassman
Tell It Anyway
Tell The Bartender
Ten Junk Miles
That Image Guy
That Sober Guy Podcast
That Man on Fatman
That's Life with Bob & Jen
The #OO Show
The 4th Line Podcast
The 5 am Miracle Podcast
The Abroad Podcast
The Ancient World
The Angry Chicken
The Angry Millennial Show
The Aritie Quitter Podcast
The Artamus Cameron Experience
The Audacity to Podcast
The Awesome Hour
The Be Tween Us Podcast
The Be Tween Us Podcast
The Bearded Ones Comedy Podcast
The Beer30 Show with Danny & Joel
The Beerists Podcast
The Best of Fives
The Betway Insider Podcast
The Big STance Podcast
The Bizarre Briefing
The Blacklist Exposed
The Blake & Sal Show
The Breaking Down Your Business Podcast
The Brian & Sherri Show
The Briefing
The Bright Sessions" 
The Brit and Yankee Craft Beer Pubcast
The Brookings Cafeteria
The Budget-Minded Traveler
The Bugcast
The Cancer Warrior
The Catacombs of Halloween Horror Nights
The Caveman Mafia
The Chaise
The City Square
The Clock Dodgers Podcast
The Comics Alternative
The Comics Verse Podcast
The Coming Out Lounge
The Creedence Clearwater Revival Hour
The Dental Hacks Podcast
The Detroit Cast
The Disney Nerds Podcast
The Eastern Border
The Family First Podcast
The Fantasy Footballers Podcast
The Fantasy Insiders Show
The Faroe Islands Podcast
The Free Stuff Show
The Gaming Outsider
The Geek IO Show
The Giz Wiz
The Grayscale
The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio
The Grimerica Show
The Grueling Truth
The Guillotine Grapevine
The Herd Mentality Podcast
The High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour
The History Chicks
The Hollywood Outsider
The Horrorfied Podcast
The Ice Hour: A Division III Wrestling Podcast
The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Dennis Farrell
The Inner Changemaker Podcast
The Intersection
The Jason Stapleton Program
The John Campea Podcast
The Kings Of Sport Podcast
The Language of Bromance
The Lazarus Pit Pod
The Lift
The Linkedin Lady
The Living Reminders
The Luminous Mind Podcast
The Mac Observer's Mac Geek Gab
The Magnus Archives
The Motorcycle Men
The Mouse Castle Lounge
The Movie Review Extravaganza
The Naked Scientists
The New Hollywood Podcast
The Newbie Writers Podcast
The NXpress
The One Way Ticket Show
The Oriole Report
The Other Mike & Mike Show.
The Outlander Podcast
The Philadelphia Sports Table
The Phileas Club
The Podcast Digest
The Productive Woman
The Queue
The Radio Blast
The Reality Check
The Richard and Judy Book Club - Exclusive to WHSmith
The Rick Lakin Podcast
The Ring of Fire
The Robcast
The Rugged Marriage
The Scot And The Sassenach
The Scottish Independence Podcast
The ScreamCast
The Sea Hawkers Podcast
The Seven Minute Sales Minute
The Sewers of Paris
The Show About Science
The Sipping Point
The Sleeper & The Bust
The SLS Cast
The Snow Plow Show
The Sports Book Podcast
The Station Wagon Podcast
The Struggle Bus
The Successful Micropreneur
The Talking Dead
The TV Dudes
The Two Way Radio Show
The Vincent Tucker Radio Show
The Vinyl Guide
The Virtual Memories Show
The Walking Dead Enthusiasts
The Wayne Dupree Show
The Wersi Direct Podcast Show
The Wired Homeschool
The Write Now Podcast with Sarah Werner
Things My Wife Sends Me
This a Won't Hurt A Bit
This Boyce Life
This is only a Test
This Show is So Gay
This Week in Science (TWIS)
Those Conspiracy Guys
Tit for Tat Show
Toon Talks Podcast
Tracy DeLuca
Trainer Tools
Transformation Sequence
Transmissions From Colony One
Trek Geeks - A Star Trek Podcast
Trekker Talk
Tribbles in Ecstasy
Trivia Geeks
Trivial Warfare!
Troubles in Ecstasy
True Crime Historian
True North Story
Truth For America
UK Business Startup
Ultra Runner Podcast
Unnamed London Theatre Podcast
Vassals of Kingsgrave
Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack!
Veteran Resource Podcast
Vintage Homeschool Moms
Warlord Worlds
Waves of Tech
We Have Concerns
We Like Drinking
We Like Shooting
Weird Things
What A Relief! Podcast
What The Tech
What's Up Falcons podcast
What would Bernie Sanders do
Whiskey On The Rails
Wine Two Five
Wise Traditions
Wolf 359
World Ocean Radio
World Wrestling Resource Podcast
WoW Challenges Podcast
Wrigleyville Nation Podcast
WriteBrain w/ JF Dubeau & Paul Inman
WWDFM: Wait Wait Don't F@#! Me
Your Opinion Doesn't Matter
Yvette and Glens Anytime Podcast
ZEN commuter

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